Red River College 2006-2009

  • Digital Multimedia Technology Completed
    • Learned 3d modeling, animation, texturing, rendering.
    • Learned filming techniques, video editing
    • Learned website design
  • 3D Computer Graphics Completed
    • Learned and focus in advanced modeling techniques, ZBrush.
    • Learned rigging and advanced texturing techniques, lighting and rendering.
    • Learned compositing software.

Computer Skills

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  • Programs:
    • Mac OS

      Recent Usage: Frequent Knowledge: Excellent

      Notes: My preferred OS, Most work that I do, as well as my training was done primarily on Apple computers.

    • Windows OS

      Recent Usage: Frequent Knowledge: Excellent

      Notes: I frequently work on PC's, and do some computer support work at the office.

    • Maya, ZBrush

      Recent Usage: Rare Knowledge: Good

      Notes: While I haven't worked with 3D programs recently, I did take an advanced course to learn the proper techniques and workflows for game and video development.

    • Adobe Suite

      Recent Usage: Frequent Knowledge: Varies

      Notes: I use Illustrator and Photoshop on a near-daily basis, developing web designs, brochures, and other works. Other programs in the Adobe Suite are used infrequently.

    • Office Suite

      Recent Usage: Infrequent Knowledge: Good

      Notes: Commonly use both Word and Excel, also well versed in using free solutions such as Open Office.

    • Unity 3D

      Recent Usage: Rare Knowledge: Good

      Notes: I have experience with the Unity 3D platform for the active development of mobile games. An existing understanding of programming has greatly helped in understanding the development of Unity scripting.

    • Wordpress

      Recent Usage: Frequent Knowledge: Good

      Notes: I have built many sites using the Wordpress CMS, and have built custom plugin solutions for multiple sites. My most recent notable development is a Quickbooks integration to tie in the pricing and inventory levels to a company's existing e-commerce solution.

  • Coding Languages:
    • HTML/CSS

      Recent Usage: Frequent Knowledge: Excellent

      Notes: Commonly develop websites and other projects that require HTML/CSS. I have a good understanding of web standards and recent design elements such as responsive design.

    • Javascript/Jquery

      Recent Usage: Frequent Knowledge: Good

      Notes: Commonly use Jquery and javascript for additional design elements of websites. I have also used javascript in the development of hybrid mobile apps.

    • PHP

      Recent Usage: Frequent Knowledge: Excellent

      Notes: I use PHP for the development of plugins for Wordpress as well as ground-up PHP applications. I have good understanding of object oriented programming as well as developing secure scripts.

    • C++/QT

      Recent Usage: Frequent Knowledge: Good

      Notes: I use C++ for the development of native applications for Windows computers. I have an excellent understanding of object oriented programming. I am able to do application development currently using QT, though I am currently learning app development using Win32. I am currently learning OpenGL and Machine Learning algorithms.

    • SQL/Databases

      Recent Usage: Frequent Knowledge: Good

      Notes: I use SQL frequently in applications for both PHP and website based work, as well as for standalone applications.

Work Experience

MEP Brothers June 2012 - Present

Marketing Manager

  • Developed and maintain websites for company
  • Create brochures, flyers and Catalogs
  • Created quickbooks integrated PHP Applications
  • Modify and create plugins for Wordpress
  • Design Logos and other branding for related Companies
  • Develop standalone applications for company
  • Website:

Sodexo December 2010 - January 2012

Day Cleaner

One World United November 2009 - May 2010

Media Designer

  • Developed website designs related to One World United
  • Coded designs to HTML for Dot Net Nuke
  • Tested web applications, created bug reports

Tomkorp Computer Solutions Inc. March 2009 - July 2009

Level Designer

  • Develop Levels for the game, Clones.
  • Test currently created and own levels for bugs.
  • Create bug reports or debug own levels as needed.
  • Website:

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